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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Aku Tahu Kapan Kamu Mati Siena suddenly finds herself with the ability to see a sign on people who will die after she experienced suspended animation. Her friends don`t believe her but she still tries her best to save the people around her when they begin dying off one by one. She faces more problem when now the sign threatens her too.

Thursday, 06 August 2020

Black Water: Abyss With the unpredictable Cash serving as their guide, adventurous couple Eric and Jennifer and their friends Yolanda and Viktor set off to explore an uncharted cave system in a remote part of Northern Australia. Thinking that they will be safe underground as a tropical storm approaches, their thoughts are proven wrong when the caves begin to flood and they find themselves trapped in there. As they fight for their survival, they come to realise that there is something else to worry about other than the rising water and falling oxygen levels, as the storm has also brought in a pack of dangerous and hungry crocodiles.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Fukushima 50 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is hit by a tsunami, triggered by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, on 11 March 2011. Risking their lives, 50 employees remain at the power plant to manage the nuclear disaster and prevent further destruction. The movie is based on Japanese journalist Ryūshō Kadota`s non-fiction book, "On the Brink: The Inside Story of Fukushima Daiichi" and will show the reality that the group of 50 workers face while inside the plant.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Solar Impact A group of friends are struggling to stay alive in a world destroyed by the solar debris that crashed down to Earth. The solar radiation unleashed during the impact has spread throughout the world, causing genetic mutations that are spreading rapidly.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Intruder 25 years ago, Seo-Jin`s sister Yoo-Jin went missing and he`s been traumatised by the incident since. Now he is a successful architect but his life changes when one day, Yoo-Jin suddenly comes back home. Despite her return being good news, Seo-Jin can`t help but feel doubtful about the woman who claims to be his sister.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Train To Busan Presents Peninsula Four years ago, soldier Jung-seok barely managed to escape from South Korea alive when the entire nation was swept by a mysterious zombie outbreak. Now living a life of despair in Hong Kong, he accepts an offer to return to the quarantined peninsula with the mission of retrieving an abandoned truck in the middle of Seoul. He must pull off the covert military operation in a limited time and escape the peninsula quietly after succeeding. While scouting the infected zone, he and his team find themselves facing not only hordes of vicious zombies but they also unexpectedly discover human survivors, who have mostly gone feral. Their mission goes haywire when Unit 631, a mysterious militia, ambushes them. Jung-seok gets saved by a woman named Min-jung during his most desperate moment and now he must plan his escape from the peninsula.